Snarky Bee

An Alternative Look at the Evolution of an
Enlightened Path
with a giant splash of SNARK

What is alternative enlightenment?

The Act of embracing the Shadow Self as a beautiful teacher and a means to have fun and laugh is what we, The Snarky Bee Team consider Alternative Enlightenment.   The Characters depicted in our Snarky Bee Products are aspects of our false personalities, and boy do we have a sh** ton of personalities locked in our psyche.  We have invited these silly characters to come out to play, These characters are a result of our evolution, and a means to have fun with the areas in our lives which we have struggled to resolve. We intend to bring love and light to those dark areas of self.   Check out our unique products and please tell all your snarky friends about our hilarious take on enlightenment.


The Snarky Characters depicted in our products are in no way intended to bee about anyone we know. Unless you are a masterful martyr and assume everything is about you.  In that case, you better gird your loins cuz this is gonna bee a rough day.