Our Story

Once upon a time there was a cranky lady named G.  She was way to busy to bee bothered with the happenings of the other world. One day, as she was tending to her garden of weeds she noticed that there was a beeutiful flower that stood out from all the weeds.  She greedily wanted so bad to pick that flower and to bring her indoors to add a little warmth and beauty to G's drab cold home.  But something told G that the little flower child needed to stay planted in the soil to gain all the beauty and creativity that mother earth had to offer. So she resisted her urge and let the flower child grow.  


Today Flower Child has grown into a vibrantly colorful young woman and yes she considers G to be her mother.  With time and a little coaxing Flower Child has broken the cranky spell that surrounded her Mama G.  They now love to dance in the sunshine and spend the day doing any silly thing at all.  Creativity and Joy are their propelling energies, with an intense splash of SNARK.


They invite you to come along for the Joy of It.  

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