Meet the Snarky Bee Team





"Huh!? Wait what?


Can you repeat the question? Oh ya, I'm supposed to be introducing myself."


Well, shit I dunno? Living in the land of endless creating and bright bold colors has made me see the world just a bit differently. No one will ever understand me. Ahhhh there she is, Vicky Victim coming out to say hello. 


Let's just all relax and let our mind go as we surrender to the now ...with the help of some beautiful plants of course.


Duh! I AM a FLOWER! What did you expect? So chill the fuck out, burn some sage, get a deck of Snarky Bee cards and I dunno...laugh a bit. 


Life was never meant to be so serious. "

-Flower Child





Alright already, I don't have time for this sh**.  There is too much to do, too many places to go, too many projects to complete ....

Oh wow, well I guess you know which Snarky Bee Characters I resemble. Most days I am a lovely mix of Fragmented Fanny, Scattered Brain Brian and Freaklishly Controlling Connor.

What!!! You don't know who they are? Well why the F*** not?  Haven't you purchased our Snarky Bee Oracle Card Deck Yet?

You snooze you lose.

-Mama G


Meet a Few of the Characters

Just a little snipit of our Snarky Bee Characters.  They can be found in our Snarky Bee Oracle Card Decks, Altar Universe Cards and Snarky Bee Coloring Books