Why the F*** Not

Hey there Snarky Bee Fans! Thanks for stopping by for a little chat. Periodically Flower Child, one of the Snarky Characters or I will be giving you a little peek-see behind the scenes over here at Snarky Central. Today the little f***ers made me do it.

The past 20 days have been so eventful that we hardly have had time to come up for a breath. All of the SB Characters were clamoring to make sure they were duly noticed and accounted for. Such a bunch of whimpering babies that group is.

Sooo back to what's been happening here. We had the perfect launch plan in place with a handful of vendors and celebrities that we were going to share our SB cards with. The good news is that we sold out of the first batch of cards and never ended up sending them to our list of vendors. We just received our second shipment and will try and stick with the program, unless you greedy little buggers gobble them up again. If you want to purchase yours today you can scurry over to the Snarky Bee Shop bit.ly/SnarkyShop

Flower Child decided she wanted to reach out to a few of her glam friends so she wrote a lovely email to J.P. Sears to introduce our family of characters to him. She received an email back from his assistant. She was quite nice but was requesting lots of Ks to have J.P. mention or endorse the characters. Flower Child had never heard of Ks before, she wondered if it was a sesame street joke that went over her head, so she asked me.

I just don't understand this new fangled way of doing commerce. Why in the world would I send a page full of thousands of Ks to him?


I can't imagine what he would do with them. I decided to ask Me Lionel, what he thought it meant. His generation does things a little differently then I do, maybe he would know what the Ks were for. That convo ended in him saying "OK Boomer." I guess he wanted me to go ask Bob Boomer, but he is in Florida this time of the year. I wrote him a note and dropped it off at the post office. I hope to hear from him by February.

Back to J.P., my sense is (you know I'm intudative) that he has gotten a bit too big for his yoga pants, they may possibly be crushing his family jewels. He just ain't firing on all cylinders. Ks, why didn't ask for a little smudge or something, now that I get.

Oh, yeah big NEWS ... Buddy Greene was stoked to see that we received 420 follows on our FaceBook page by last night. He was "totally" going to smoke to that! If you haven't checked it out yet, what the hell are you waiting for? bit.ly/FBSnarkyBee

Finally, I want to thank that sweet Doe Eyed Angel over at 27 Houses, in Grayslake, IL for selling our Snarky Bee Oracle Card Decks and Mama G's Smudge Out Shit Kits. I hear there was a line all the way down Center Street waiting to get cards. (not really, but I'm practicing Buzzualization). That Doe Eyed Angel did have an incident with the SB cards. She states that she was literally smacked in the face and then given a warm fuzzy hug by those cards. Wow them bee some powerful cards!!!

That's it, for now, I got so much shit to do that it is stinking up the joint. As I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, Flower Child is over there rolling naked in her paints and flowers. What's a Mama to do?

OH Yeah, Flower Child insists that I end all of my correspondences with telling you ...


Mama G

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